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To get a Norwegian driver's license you have to go through four stages: basic traffic course, basic training, traffic skills and final training. (We can produce and deliver all categories of Norwegian license) In most cases to buy Norway's driver's license. The first step in the course is the basic traffic course; instead of driving a car during the course, you learn about the theory of driving. In Norway it is very practical to have a driver's license as it would be very expensive and difficult to live in many small towns without a car. However, the process in Norway to obtain a DL is long, expensive and time-consuming (totaling over three thousand euros, or 150 thousand rubles). "Stop hesitating and buy Norway driver's license now"

Don't bother with all the heavy and long procedures. Are you looking forward to buying a driving license in Norway? You can buy a Norwegian driver's license from us with a maximum of 5 to 7 working days. Click here to view our page or click on Whatsap at the bottom right of this website. After contacting, a correspondent will help you 100% with having a Norwegian license.

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EU driving license vs Norway driving licence

Driving licenses issued in countries outside the EU/EEA and those issued in EU/ EEA countries are subject to different rules in Norway. There is also a difference between the right to drive in Norway with the foreign driver's license and the right to exchange it for a Norwegian driver's license.

You can use your driver's license on Norwegian roads if it was obtained outside the USA or a member of the EU. but for less than three months. You must then complete the theoretical and practical parts of the application process to apply for a driving license again in Norway. There are also other suppliers who support us with production in case of mass production.

If you need other certification for driving school or IELTS, contact Stark

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