Buy a Danish residence permit

Buy a Danish residence permit

Buy a Danish residence permit. Danish residence permit type c

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A residence permit is required for people who want to work in Denmark, apply for family reunification, study or stay in Denmark for a longer period of time. We give you the chance to buy a permit without lengthy legal procedures at a very affordable price.

Get a residence permit in Denmark. permit in Denmark

Our services are reliable, fast with high quality customer service. We make permits of the highest quality in a very short time.

Cost of Danish residence permit.

One of the conditions for applying for a Danish residence permit is payment of the Danish residence permit fee.

The Danish residence permit costs you 6500 or less with us,

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The cost of a Danish residence permit for foreigners varies depending on the type and duration of the permit. In general, the fees vary from approximately 6500 to 12000 Danish kroner. It is important for foreigners considering living in Denmark to budget for these fees, which may also include surcharges for biometric data collection and other administrative costs.

The validity of the permit

Temporary permits are valid for 1-2 years depending on the type (studies, work, family reunification, etc.). Permanent residence. This permit is valid indefinitely, but can only be obtained after living in Denmark for at least eight years. Obtain permits in Denmark with ease


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