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On this page, we want to explain how to get a driver's license in Norway.

You must live in Norway for at least 6 months.
Meet the age requirement.
submit an application for a driver's license.
meet health requirements and have a documented conviction (issued by the police) the first time you apply for a driver's license

In order to get a Norwegian driver's license, you must meet the following requirements:

Have a basic traffic course.

Have basic training in practice and theory.

Proficiency in traffic and final training

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When you have your Norwegian license, you can consider getting an international one, which allows you to travel outside the EU, even if Norway is not a member of the EU. Our site is responsible for registering these rights. We cordially invite you to issue an international driver's license quickly, easily and without formalities!

Driving licenses issued in non-EU/EEA countries and those issued in EU/EEA countries are subject to different rules in Norway. The possibility to drive in Norway with a foreign driver's license and the possibility to convert it to a Norwegian driver's license are two different things.

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