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To drive in Sweden, you must buy a Swedish driver's license. It is important to apply for a Swedish driving license with us.

Driver's license rounding, or the notion that taking your driver's license abroad will result in significant financial savings, is becoming an increasingly popular notion. However, this is misleading, as exams are the hardest to get around. A person must have studied or lived in Sweden for at least six months before he or she has the right to apply for a Swedish driver's license.

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Dangers of driving without a license.

The dangers of driving in Sweden without a driver's license are many. First and foremost, driving gives us a great deal of mobility and independence, making it a necessary part of modern life. In Sweden, it is legally necessary to have a valid driver's license to protect other road users and maintain road safety. However, driving without a license puts people and society at great risk, jeopardizing personal safety, legal compliance and public safety.

Fake Swedish Driving license caught. Apply for registered Swedish driving license

Advantages of getting a Swedish original license from us

All our Swedish driving licenses are 100% safe from the traffic police and any security checks.
We use high quality holograms and watermark templates.
You don't have to worry about the quality of our work; we are the best you can find online. You can find other documents such as passports, ID cards, residence permits and many more at Continental Documents

In addition, we have proof of registration verification in the database and send it to you after production.

Our delivery service is fast and full of experience. A Swedish driving license reaches your home address in less than 33 hours within Europe.

We ship with waive postal services such as DHL, UPS, FeDex and EMS. There, your package is transported reliably to your address with 100% smooth transition.

How to buy a Swedish driver's license without a test

This is how we proceed:
Firstly, we need you to provide personal data in order to prepare the document.
We will also ask you to pay 40% advance payment for materials and a guarantee, then we can start the implementation.
Once your document is prepared, we will send you photos of your document for verification and confirmation, and once you have confirmed that everything is in order, we will ask you to pay the balance so that we can deliver it immediately and confirm your registration number in the system , which may take approximately 32 hours to be valid.

Finally, when we ship your package, we'll give you a tracking number and make sure you get it via express delivery within 3 business days.

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Tired? Occupied? Do you always fail the exams? Apply for a Swedish driver's license. We can register you with the Swedish Transport Agency. No tests

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