How do I get my C license in Sweden, All categoriesHow do I get my C license in Sweden?

Requirements for C driving licence

Was 21 years old
Should be the holder of a B driving licence.
Must have student permit.
Your performance on both theory and practical driving tests should be satisfactory.
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1.) You must have a valid driving license to practice driving and take the driving test. When you apply for a provisional driver's license, the Swedish Transport Agency checks whether you meet society's requirements that everyone should get a driver's license.

2.) Health is wealth, they say. In order to obtain a driver's license, you must meet certain personal and medical requirements. The Swedish Transport Agency will investigate your ability to follow the traffic rules and check whether you have been taken into custody by the police for being too drunk or if you have committed any crime.

3. Not forgetting the learner's permit that covers the jurisdiction where you can practice drive.

4. Education at a driving school is most important for a real experience on public roads.

5. Theory test

6. After the test

7. Driving test

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